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Multi Axis motion control and slider systems for time-lapse or live-action.
Professional Aerial systems and operators for small to large-scale productions.
High dynamic range sensor technology providing stunning life-like images.
Advanced camera movement with wireless focusing and visual monitoring technology.
Immersive and Augmented virtual reality production with 360 degree motion controlled visuals.

Our studio utilise the latest sensors, optics and Academy Award winning visual

technology. Combining them with the art of imaging science, modern production

techniques and software intelligence to ensure every frame is driven by innovation.

Featured Tech

Kino Flo

Kino Flo design and manufacture high-quality lighting technology equipment for the motion picture and photographic industries. The brand is well known for their soft, true match colour rendition with high CRI ratings producing high fidelity images.


Arri is the world’s largest manufacturer of motion picture cameras and produces high dynamic range digital sensors with an accurate colour rendition that create stunning life-like images with natural skin tones, which we utilise in our commercial productions.


Dedolight produces some of the most innovative optically designed lighting systems for the motion picture, television and photographic industries helping us shape light and bring key subject detail to life.


Sony brings outstanding image quality and cutting-edge technology to their range of high sensitivity imaging sensors, which enables us to see in the dark beyond the capabilities of the human eye.


Zeiss manufacture precision optical cinema lenses, which offer high resolution, contrast and minimal geometric distortion with virtually no breathing for exceptional performance and speed.


Nikon is a market leading optics and camera imaging company established in 1917, which we utilise in our photographic, visual systems and time-lapse productions.